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Peter Callahan Catering is a premier NYC based catering & event company. We have offered exquisite Kosher cuisine and stress-free event experiences since 2006.

For our events we work with Rabbi Sholtiel Lebovic. He has performed catering kashrut supervision for over thirty years for the Orthodox community in the New York City area. His responsibilities include constant supervision of food production at the commissaries, whenever food is being produced, koshering the venues' kitchens and constant supervision throughout events.

All standards of Kashrut instituted in at the beginning have remained continually in place at PCK. Specifically, PCK uses Chasidishe Shechita exclusively such as ALLE, AGRI, SOLOMON, kJ/BIRDSBOR and DAVID ELLIOT. All products are Pas Yisroel and Chalav Yisroel. All vegetables are checked to the highest kashrut standards. Rabbi Lebovic and his staff are on site in both the commissary and at the events to assure that all foods are prepared and served in accord with the highest kashrut standards.

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