We’re Celebrating National Margarita Day with Fish Tacos & Patron ‘Ritas!

  • Peter Callahan Catering Mini Fish Tacos Mini Patron Margaritas Bite by Bite Cookbook

    After shrinking down my favorite foods, it was only natural that I would turn my attention to my favorite cocktails. One of my all-time favorite beverages is a margarita. When I created my shots + bites series of food and drink pairings, my clients loved all the concepts as they had never seen anything like it before. Wine + Cheese, Vodka + Caviar Spoons, Cherry Sake + Spicy Chicken Wontons, they all wowed the crowd. But when I cooked up my Fish Tacos + Patron Margaritas, the trend exploded! This simple pairing of a fish taco presented on the same sleek tray with a margarita shot in a mini Patron Silver bottle is my most popular hors d’oeuvres yet.  It’s delish for sure, but the two-sip shot is cleverly matched to the small bite for an awesome icebreaker.  We even have clients who love serving them between first course and main course as a zippy pick me up. Happy ‘Rita Day!

    {Photo courtesy of Mel Barlow & Co.}




    February 22nd, 2012

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