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  • Big thanks to Danielle Kosann at The New Potato for including me in the holiday lineup on The New Potato. To see the whole foodie feature, click on the image above, otherwise, you can see see my holiday interview in full below.

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    December 2012 The New Potato Peter Callahan Feature

    Peter Callahan is king when it comes to events. An expert on the art of the dinner party, he’s come to dominate what we find a largely unexplored niche – the catering industry. Putting just as much of an emphasis on the aesthetic and design of food as he does the taste, Callahan represents so much of what we love about the dining experience. He was nice enough to share dinner party tips and some great go-to holiday recipes in the spirit of the season…

    What would be your ideal food day?

    My ideal food day would start with sugar donuts from The Downyflake on Nantucket, then lunch over the wood-burning stove in Aspen’s Ajax Backcountry Powder Tours. It is the finest lunch one can have, as you are in a one room shack after having skied fresh tracks all morning out of bounds. Then Après-ski at The Little Nell at the base of Ajax mountain.

    What do you always put out when hosting a dinner party? 

    Good wine. People will drink more – when they drink more, they are having a good time.

    What are your ultimate go-to appetizers for your guests?  

    Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. They are so easy – you can make ahead and pop in the oven. Pair that with a tin of American Paddlefish Caviar and buckwheat bilinis and you have the perfect combination of high/low without the high brow cost (Paddlefish costs approximately $12/oz wholesale). 

    What do you always bring to a dinner party as a guest? 

    Good wine

    The ultimate dinner party faux pas…

    Working during your party. A host or hostess should always make everything look effortless. Whatever you do, make and set everything ahead of time, have it all streamlined and easy so you can relax and have fun with your guests.

    If you could cater a dinner party for any six people, living or dead, who would be there? What would you cook? 

    Jimmy Hendrix (you always want a rock star), Bridgette Bardot during her James Bond era (you always want an ultimate bond girl), Henrik (my favorite ski guide from Alaska), Bode Miller (he’s colorful and I really like skiing), Grace of Monaco (a little royalty goes a long way) and my glamorous grandmother (who was from Europe and who I never was fortunate enough to meet).


    Caviar Cones

    Salmon Tarts

    Short Rib Burger Dinner with Onion Rings

    View recipes in the blog post found on The New Potato by CLICKING RIGHT HERE… enjoy!



    December 12th, 2012

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