The Hispanic Society of America, a Hidden Gem of a Party Space in New York City

  • I’m always on the hunt for new party venues with impact. For years, I’ve been meaning to visit the The Hispanic Society of America Museum and Library in Spanish Harlem. I finally made it up there as I have a wonderful corporate client who is holding a dinner there this Spring ~ such a brilliant idea!

    There are those who won’t venture up to 155th Street, but over the past several years Spanish Harlem has undergone a renaissance of sorts and more notable personalities are taking note. Such as, former President Bill Clinton who has his offices in Spanish Harlem, among others.

    Portrait Gallery Spanish History Museum New York Peter Callahan Catering

    Located in a beautiful building that has undergone an elaborate renovation, The Hispanic Society is one of the hidden gems in Manhattan. In the same building you’ll find the prestigious honor society, the American Academy of Arts and Letters – which sounds like it’s a dusty, old, and outdated place. However, with some of the most dynamic architects, composers, artists and writers of our time as members, like Woody Allen, Frank Gehry, and Joan Didion, it’s anything but.  To get to The Hispanic Society, you walk through a gorgeous outdoor pavilion that is very grand and feels very Old World  European. {ps the pavilion would be great for large tented events, which they allow!} But as you continue walking through the pavilion, you’re still not sure what you’re walking into. Then you walk inside the Society and it’s like tah-dah! the first room you enter is a tall dramatic room that goes up to a skylighted roof. {see above}  This is the area where we will hold cocktails for the corporate event we are catering.

    With more than 800 paintings and 6,000 watercolors and drawings, the Hispanic Society will allow guests to mingle around the art collection with savory tapas and a glass of Spanish wine in hand.  Something which almost never is permitted around priceless artwork!

    Murals at Spanish Harlem Museum Peter Callahan Corporate Event Venues New York City

    The next room, which is more of a round-shaped space, has beautifully-restored murals that encircle the entire space. We will hold dinner in this room. Lastly, our waiters get a holding room fit for a king with a rare Spanish map from the 1500’s at one end of the room. {see below}

    Spanish Society of America Peter Callahan Maps Corporate Event Venue New York

    It should be noted that some others are big fans of The Hispanic Society of America, such as Oscar de la Renta, who recently held an event there from what we’ve heard.

    The Hispanic Society of America should be on everyone’s list for events, not to mention, on your list of  New York sites to visit too!




    February 29th, 2012

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