Thanksgiving Leftovers, Keeping the Remains of the Day Small with Turkey Canapés

  • After I’ve totally overindulged on Thanksgiving, I tend to seek out leaner ways to enjoy the piles of leftovers that remain from the decadent feast.  Somehow, it all just tastes better the days after so why not enjoy them?  If only in mini form with my Turkey Canapés. Known for my re-invention of American classic dishes, I’ve taken all the key foods from Thanksgiving and narrowed them down to one-bite hors d’oeuvres that can be shared without stuffing our faces again.  It all starts with a crispy turkey skin cup that is made using a mini-muffin baking tin, chopped or shredded turkey meat, a spoonful of tasty stuffing and a dollop of cranberry sauce. You can even add a tiny bit of turkey gravy using a squirt bottle but avoid too much gravy as the crispy skin will lose it’s form with too much moisture.  As always, the trick is to make the hors d’oeuvre TINY.  For the full recipe, check out pages 130-131 in my cookbook, Bite by Bite.

    Turkey Canapes Peter Callahan Bite by Bite Thanksgiving Hors doeuvres

    These canapés can be incorporated into any holiday cocktail party menu to give guests a small reminder of their Thanksgiving celebration minus them having to unbutton their pants! But I must say, I’ve always wanted to host a Thanksgiving celebration with a cocktail-style format.  Rather than having guests be seated around a table with family-style platters, I’d invite guests to mingle throughout the house, sampling traditional family recipes that have been re-vamped into bite-sized hors d’oeuvres.  I can picture the sweet potato pie, Turkey Canapés, green bean casserole and brussel sprouts in my head already!



    November 25th, 2011

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