Simple Summertime Pleasures: Indulge Your Ice Cream Dreams

  • Triple Scoop Ice Cream Cones Peter Callahan Summer Treats-c

    We all love ice cream year-round, but the sunny days of summer just beg for crazy amounts of the creamy stuff. Most of the time, I get inspiration from every day living with my family. These teeny tiny triple-scoop ice cream cones were inspired by Saturday morning cartoons with my daughter. You know the cartoons showing the impossibly tall ice cream cones with half a dozen scoops teetering on top of a miniature cone?

    This is my simple rendition, with three manageable scoops of classic kid-favorite ice cream flavors like mint chocolate chip, strawberry and chocolate. I use a mini waffle cone maker for the cones and make enough to keep boatloads of them on hand for fast “I want ice cream” chants in the kitchen throughout the week. And, for the tiny scoops themselves, just use a melon ball-sized scoop and you’re ready to face the crowd of little faces.



    August 17th, 2012

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