Shots + Bites : The Perfect Pairings of Food and Beverage Can Be Fun Icebreakers at Parties

  • A two-sip shot of your favorite beverage matched with a delicious small one-bite hors d’oeuvre is an incredible icebreaker at cocktail parties. Especially when the small one-bite hors d’oeuvre is playfully served on an edible spoon, in an oyster shell or inside a tiny Chinese take-out box. Whether a simple shot of vodka to accompany caviar or a mini Patron Margarita next to a Mexican Fish Taco, my clients continue to love this idea of pairing food and beverage.  Not only does the presentation add an element of surprise, it also gives wedding guests something to chat about at the party. If my fish tacos prove too challenging, these two classic pairings below are easily achievable in your own homes.

    wine and cheese paired food and beverage for parties peter callahan catering

    One of my favorite “shots + bites” includes my tongue-in-cheek ode to the classic pairing of Wine & Cheese. This hors d’oeuvre veers from tradition, offering the best of both in a clean, chic presentation. A thin wedge of pear is the foundation for a perfect sliver of Camembert cheese that gets topped with a few edible flower petals and fresh Thyme leaves from the garden. Generally, I prefer to pour a crisp, cold Chardonnay in tiny cordial glasses to partner with the richness of the cheese.

    There are those who say that caviar should only be eaten from a mother-of-pearl spoon so as not to dilute the caviar’s purity. But since I’m all about keeping things simple and edible, if not downright whimsical, I came up with an edible cracker spoon that pokes fun at the traditional way of serving caviar.  My Caviar Spoons & Vodka can also be made using regular round crackers, but adding a simple shot glass of chilled vodka is all that’s needed to make this pairing complete. Cheers!



    June 14th, 2012

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