International Catering : Recently, I Headed East to India to Cater a Fabulous Party


    Hotel Doorman Luxury India Hotels Peter Callahan Global Catering Services

    During a recent event we catered in India, we were greeted at our hotel by the iconic doorman…

    For the past several years, my catering services have garnered quite of bit of attention from families and businesses out of the United States. Particularly since the success of my bestselling cookbook, Bite by Bite: 100 Stylish Little Plates for Any Party, which has been #1 in sales worldwide for over 9 months in the appetizers category. It seems other cultures around the world are just as fascinated with traditional American foods as we are here in the States. Even more so possibly, when they’re reduced down to lilliputian portions and presented in playful formats. During a recent jaunt to India for a client’s engagement party, my staff and I got to experience the local culture while introducing some of our signature Peter Callahan Catering foods and service methods. Needless-to-say, as you will see from the photos, it was an amazing trip all around and we can’t wait to return.

    Busy Streets of India Produce Markets Peter Callahan Catering

    A different view from New York City, the busy Indian streets around our hotel were intense with energy, architectural wonders and saturated colors.

    India Peter Callahan Catering Global Services

    Such incredible green, lush landscapes and heavy perfumed air.

    View of Chennai India from hotel room peter callahan

    The view from my hotel room showed how much the area is booming, lots and lots of construction.

    On the Streets of Chennai India Peter Callahan Catering

    As soon as we could, we dropped out bags and headed out to the local markets for cooking supplies… walking along the busy streets was an adventure!

    Produce Delivered by Truck India Peter Callahan Catering

    All around the market were trucks and scooters filled with bananas, rice, lentils and other produce.

    Limes and Lemons Indian Produce Market Peter Callahan Catering

    Right up my alley, mini limes and lemons in baskets on the market path.

    American Catering Companies Who Service India Spice Market

    Spices, spices and more spices! The air was fragrant with exotic spices…

    Colorful Fruit at Indian Market Chennai India Peter Callahan Catering

    Perfectly arranged fresh fruit, likes oranges, apples, grapes, pomegranates… my chefs had no trouble finding exactly what we needed… and more… lots more!

    Bananas at indian spice market peter callahan catering

    Bunches and bunches of bananas.

    Spice Market India Street Grocers Peter Callahan Catering

    Basket after basket of intriguing produce could be found, from curry leaves to peppers, egglant and potatoes.

    Boy selling mangoes in the market India Peter Callahan

    Guess who we bought our mangoes from? And, he taught us a thing or two about negotiating price.

    Boxes of Catering Goods Peter Callahan India

    Ready to get to the cooking, thankfully, all 38 boxes of our catering supplies, food and presentation materials made it through customs without delay!

    Indian Bakers Trying Peter Callahan Catering Fudgcicles Global Catering Services

    We had an enthusiastic team of local chefs and bakers, they couldn’t wait to sample the mini American foods, like our mini popsicles.

    American Chefs Cooking with Indian Chefs Peter Callahan Catering

    Comparing notes and methods in the kitchen.

    Cooking Together American Caterers who service India Peter Callahan Catering

    Sharing the kitchen with the local chefs was a dream, they approached the art of catering with as much passion as we did… no matter the late hours and fine detail required.

    Mini Grilled Cheese Peter Callahan Indian Parties Global Catering Services

    My little Gruyere filled mini grilled cheeses are just as popular 24 hours away.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies Parties in India Peter Callahan Catering

    Chocolate chip cookies are a hit, no matter where you make them.

    Peter Callahan Indian Chef Cooking American Food in India

    Talk about stories, the client’s Executive Chef shared with me his thoughts on food innovation… and how much he LOVED what he saw my staff whipping up in his kitchens!

    American Ice Cream Bar India Parties Peter Callahan Catering-c

    Just one of several of our American Food Stations at the client’s home… our signature, simple and sophisticated styling was right at home in this gorgeous residence.

    Cotton Candy Machine Peter Callahan Catering Indian Events

    This was one of the highlights of my trip to India, this old fashion cotton candy machine, heated with a kerosene flame and powered by a hand-cranked wheel. We used it for my cotton candy lollipops.

    Indian Airports American Party Professionals Travel East Peter Callahan Catering

    I left the party at 5:30am to head back to the airport, braving the busy traffic to make sure I caught my plane to Las Vegas via Heathrow to be the closing speaker at the Engage!12: The Luxury Wedding Summit. After hours of travel, crossing several time zones, I ended up walking right off my flight and right into the Opening Party at Engage!12. Awesome! But I can’t tell you how much I look forward to being back in India very soon for another sexy Peter Callahan celebration.  It has certainly become one of my favorite places to party.






    June 26th, 2012

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