Holiday Parties for Children : Decorating Gingerbread Houses

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    Nothing like having a house filled with the exuberant voices of children to remind you of the joy of Christmas!

    Earlier today, we hosted a Make Your Own Gingerbread House Party for our daughter and some of her friends. This casual, after-school get-together was just too much fun to watch unfold! As you can see, each child decorated their gingerbread house in their own style using jelly beans, red hots, gum drops, peppermints and marzipan.  What each child focused on was actually, really fascinating to me, as were their design concepts:  the front door on one house got an elaborate garland and topiaries to “add curb appeal”; another house was given an intricate jelly bean mosaic as the front walkway to “give my mommy something pretty to come home to”; yet another showcased a roof decorated with an ornate white design “that reminds me of our house in the snow last Christmas”; and several houses showed favorite pets “waiting for me to come home” or beloved animals “I got to see at the zoo” (seals and a penguin).  Although I arrived after another busy day at the office, this little group of clever designers wiped the stress right away with their laughter and festive spirit.

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    Kids Holiday Parties Gingerbread Houses Peter Callahan

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    December 16th, 2011

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