From Ocean to Table : Fishing en Famille for Bonito

  • I have been an avid fisherman for my entire life and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to fish with my son and daughter. Both of whom are avid fishermen as well.

    On the west side of the island of Nantucket, where the Atlantic Ocean is warm in late Summer, the prized fish Bonito come in to feed on Sand Eels. Among the most beautiful fish in the sea, Bonito have¬†lightning speed and strength that make them a top game fish on light tackle – spin or fly.¬†They’re also not in great abundance and have to be caught on an incoming tide. Challenging, no matter how you work it! One of the best places to fish for them in the local waters is on the aptly named Bonito Bar off Madaket (a town on Nantucket). Boats come from all over to try their luck and patience is a must! As you can see, we were lucky!

    Our family favorite method of eating fresh caught Bonito is as sashimi or sushi. Sometimes, we even bring nori lined with cooked rice on board the boat to make our Bonito sushi as soon as the fish are off the hook. However, on this day we waited until we were back home and had the Bonito as both steaks and as sushi. As usual, everyone gets to roll their own sushi!

    Bonito are not available commercially so we look forward to our August fishing expeditions on the island as a special treat.



    August 29th, 2012

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