Classic Fish Courses : Pan-Roasted Halibut

  • Classic Wedding Entree Choices Pan Roasted Halibut and Seasonal Vegetables Peter Callahan Catering

    One of my all-time favorite fishes to eat and serve is halibut. It’s a fabulous fish for grilling and roasting for many reasons. It is easily available year round, relatively inexpensive (depending on the time of year), easy to cook and lends itself to almost any flavor. This mild flavored, white fish has a kind of versatility you won’t find in any other fish. Halibut can be substituted for many kinds of fish and even poultry in most recipes, so it’s outstanding for most sauces. I tend to keep it light to let the flavor of the fish shine through.

    I happen to love it as an entree for parties and weddings. It’s the ideal fish for choice of entree wedding menus, particularly when you don’t want a “fishy” fish. We pan roast the halibut and serve it on top of fingerling potato coins,  top it with a little lemon buerre blanc sauce and heirloom tomato confit. Seasonal vegetables, like haricot verts and petite heirloom carrots, are light and delicious accompaniments.



    September 14th, 2012

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