Celebrating the Jewish Holidays with Our Mini Challah Loaves

  • Ah, the Jewish Holidays are upon us again. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It’s the ideal time for us to subtly incorporate our mini challah bread hors d’oeuvres into our party menus.  Yet again, we’re striving for playful interpretations of traditional, and in this case, ceremonial favorites. So rather than making full-sized challah loaves, I make these precious little egg-bread wonders with anywhere from four to eight strands of braided dough.  Although we have many times, we generally don’t sprinkle seeds (such as poppy, sesame, coriander) on our challah but many believe the seeds symbolize the manna that fell from Heaven while the Israelites wandered the desert. Such beautiful symbolism, if not bittersweet. We do; however, add in honey or raisins to the recipe as it, too, can be representative of the sweetness of manna. When it’s time to serve our mini challot loaves, just pop them into a warmed basket or serve them on a cutting board.

    {The recipe for our Mini Challah Loaves can be found in Bite by Bite, page 112}



    September 29th, 2011

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