Customizing is EVERYTHING : Clever DIY Hors D’oeuvres and Beverage Trays


    When it comes to planning a party, I think every host knows there’s got to be something memorable that your guests walk away with, and I’m not just talking about a favor or swag bag. (although, we all know those can be extremely relevant).  What I’m talking about is the need for customization.  Creating a road map of sorts that brings all the event components back to the theme, brand or concept.  Subtle or outrageous, sometimes it takes just a few key elements to create an ambiance that guests will talk about for years.

    One of my favorite ways to customize an event is also something that can easily be done at home with a little DIY craft time. I like to use real flowers, leaves, herbs or ingredients displayed in a modern fashion.  It’s also great fun to display layered printed images, such as faces, dates, names, initials, words, taglines and brands between the surface of an hors d’oeuvre tray and a clear acrylic insert.  These all make the tray look like it was designed specifically for the event, product, person or brand.  When you place bites of whimsical food in between or on top of those artfully arranged images, it transforms something simple into something amazing.  And nothing is more fabulous than watching guests’ faces light up when they see the detail of the date or the guest of honor’s name as part of the event design.

    {Raspberry Plum Sippers, Photo by Ross Whitaker}



    November 2nd, 2011

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